The Blue LanTeens Islamic Studies Program

An all-inclusive refined iSyllabus Islamic Studies Program suitable for teenagers aged 10-16. Next enrolment begins in September 2023.

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Anchor Your Faith

Attain a sound holistic understanding of Islam and learn how to anchor your faith in the 21st century.

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Quality Teaching

Engage in interactive live classes with experienced Islamic Studies teachers with additional activities & study materials.

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Taught Live With Playback

Never miss a class with 24hr playback available for all live sessions. Study at your own pace.

Year 1 Program Breakdown

Curriculum Overview

Module 1 - Islam

1) Islam 2) The 5 Pillars 3) Declaration of faith 4) Ablution 5) Prayer 6) Meaning of prayer 7) Supplication 8) Zakat 9) Ramadan 10) Hajj

Module 2 - Imaan

1) Allah 2) Quran 3) Angels 4) Books 5) Prophets 6) The Last Day 7) Destiny 8) Sunnah

Module 3 - Ihsaan

1) Islamic greetings 2) Honesty & trustworthiness 3) Halal & Haram 4) Manners of eating & drinking 5) Sacred sports 6) Modesty

Module 4 - Living Islam

1) Islamic Law 2) Parents & family 3) The life of the Prophet 4) Mosques 5) Ummah

Personal Development Seminars

1) Carving Your Teens Identity 2) Rites of Passage 3) Puberty 3) Body Awareness

Student Support

1) Student Welfare 2) Student Development & Growth

The Blue LanTeens Islamic Studies Program

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Course Convenor:

Ustadh Hammad

Ustadh Hammad is a national UK award-winning Imam who carries out a number of local and regional projects. He specialises in both classical & contemporary Tafsir and Sira studies and is the course convenor for The Blue LanTeens Islamic Studies Program.

We aim for our Muslim teenagers to be equipped with the right tools and knowledge-base to thrive in their developing pathways. This is so they can become healthy contributors to society.

<div class="editor-content"><p>Ustadh Hammad</p></div>,

Ustadh Hammad

Blue Lantern Founder

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Meet The LanTeen Teachers

The Blue LanTeens program is led by qualified and experienced teachers, all of whom have a passion for working with young minds to foster their spiritual and intellectual development.

Ustadh Hammad

Head Teacher & Course Convenor

Ustadha Khadjia

Senior Teacher

Ustadh Babar

Senior Teacher

Ustadha Shaila

Senior Teacher

Khaleel Kassim

Guest Course Teacher

Ustadha Iffet

Course Teacher

Imam Habib Khan

Guest Course Teacher

The Blue LanTeens Islamic Studies Program

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