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Holistic Learning

Support your mental, physical and spiritual growth.

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Expert Teachers

Learn from experienced scholars and educators from across the world.

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Flexibility & Convenience

Enjoy the flexibility of learning at your own pace, on your own schedule.

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Our Featured Teachers

Learn from a variety of international & expert teachers, each with a wealth of knowledge and experience to empower students to explore subjects at a deeper level.

Dr Mazen Atassi

Forward 2 Health - Chicago (USA)

Naimah Abdat

Naturopath & Herbalist (Australia)

Khaleel Kassim

Eclectic House, UK

Ustadh Nuh Saunders

Dar al-Qurra, Philadelphia (USA)

Shaykh Abdullah Misra

Toronto, Canada

Samina Ali

Samina Ali Counselling - UK

Shaykh Idris Rajab

Druban, South Africa

Habeeb Akande

The Erotology Institute - UK

Shaykh Muhiyuddin al-Attas

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ustadh Jubril Alao

Cambridge, UK

Shaykh Nasir Rashid

Birmingham, UK

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What does my 7 day free trial include?

Access to the Blue Lantern platform & app. Enjoy 160+ hours of content at your own pace without the added stress of content overload or fear of falling behind.

Am I locked in after my 7 day free trial?

Nope! Trial out our platform and get a feel of the learning experience. You can cancel your trial at any time within your 7 day trial access, but we will miss you!

Can I join if I am from outside the UK?

Absolutely! We already have a number of international members. Come join our community and get connected to some incredible people.

What happens after my 7 day free trial?

If you wish to stay then you will automatically benefit from a 40% recurring monthly discount become a Blue Lantern member. Instead of £50 ($63) a month, you will pay only £30 ($38). You can cancel your membership at anytime, there are no long commitments.

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